Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Please write back........

So tonight when Nate got home from work, Hailey proceeds to tell us about a boy in her class that drew a "U" with a line through it on the board in class.  So she then wrote "BYU Stinks" with smelly squiggly lines around it to get him back.  Nate then joins the conversation and starts to tell her the stats on both teams.  This was getting him all worked up as if he was talking to the poor boy himself! He informs her that BYU is 1 and 4, and that the U of U is undefeated.  Well I guess this got her all excited because when I went to tuck her in tonight, I found a little folded up note that says, (and this is exact wording too)
"To: Tyler
this is poisoness
(Just kiddin)

Dear Tyler,
I know this is weird but Hows Byu doing?  Well if you said good your wrong!  Byu has been defeated 4 times in a row but Utes are undifeated and are in the top ten rankings.  And Byu is so low there not even on the rankings when I checked my fantasy football account so in your face!  I know you've probably got your mouth wide open saying thats not true but my dad told me that so "HA"!
Sincerly, ?
Write back

This is our 10 year little girl for crying out loud!  Girl!  Is this what we pictured our sweet, darling, dancing, dressy, sassy 10 year girl saying or even caring about?  Um NO!   Nate had a huge smile on his face and said that he's never had a more proud moment than this.  Me?  I just can't stop smiling and laughing about the whole thing, and can definitely smell a "Crush" in the air!

It starts......(Big sigh)  I remember these days, let the good times begin!


  1. OH HAYES!! You go girl!! I bet Nate had a HUGE smile on his face, it is a proud moment. You are in for it with a cutie/smartie/well rounded girl like Hailey!! Good Luck with this next FUN stage!!

  2. hahahahaha I love her. That is all.