Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A name is just a name....

My kids call me Mama Sita. Now in Spanish Mama Sita means "hot babe, or Mexican ho." I'll take the first meaning because it flatters me the most out of the two and I don't think the second one is appropriate. Nate and I don't have pet names for each other. He also speaks Spanish pretty well from serving a mission in Peru, hence where Mama Sita came from. We have tried over and over again to call one another "babe", "hun", "love", "sweetheart", you name it we have tried it at least once, and just end up laughing our heads off of how unnatural it sounds. So Nate and Kenz we are. At least the kids have a pet name for me, and where it came from there Dad's suggestion, I guess you can call it a "pet name" from him in a weird way, right?

I would have to say, that we are a family of nicknames. We really can't just call each other by our real names. Here are a few of the nick names we have for each other:
Hailey: Heome's, Heley O" Meley, Hayes, Haileybug Muhanna (not because she's ugly, but because she can't believe her own mother would call her that! Good laugh every time!!)
Mason: Seuss, Moose, Chino, Quasi (he went through his ugly stage early in life)
Kaycie: Cee-Cee, Sita Marie, The Quace (Aunt Tay Tay, my sister), Cassie (my Gma K thinks that's her name even though I correct her every time. love her dearly)
Eryn: Ernie Bernie, Bernice, Eryn-Baryn-Bo-Baryn, Ernita, Ernie Bernaious, Aowin, Ern (we were at the Dr's, and because I spelt her name with a y instead of an i, they really did call out "Urn Hansen"! Really?!)
Mckenzie: MOM, Mama Sita, Mamita, Keek, Kunta Kinte, Kenz
Nate: Na-than (again Taylor, my sister), Dad, Pops, real name Nathaniel, which I think is hot, so maybe one day he'll go by that!

Our house is a lot more fun with all these different names! I just hope it doesn't confuse the little one's later. Even with all these names, I know that the most important one is the one you represent. Ours is
Hansen and Jensen. We have had a lot of good family go on before us, to help give us the life we have now. There name was everything to them! If I could just remember at all times what stock I come from, and how hard they worked, and what they must have sacrificed to get me where I am now, then my life would be pretty much be straight forward with no detours.

Nate and I have been taking a family history class in place of Sunday School for the last 8 weeks. Originally, I signed us up thinking it would get us out of going to the 2ND hour of church. It ended up being us and 3 other couples is all, so it was a lot harder to sneak home for an early lunch without kids. Gotta love Primary! Well while in the class, we didn't get our family history done. Instead I got that spark of interest in getting to know my ancestors, what their stories where, their hardships, loves, triumphs, and disappointments. Things that I can learn from their lives that will help me along my own journey. We are family, and that's what were here for right? To support and help one another. So now I have the tools and resources in getting started on my own family file. I do have to say that getting a name at the temple with a date of May 3, 1876 has a lot more meaning and determination to work harder and faster to get those families sealed! I can't imagine waiting that long or not being with my whole family forever! That would be my hell.


  1. Love the nicknames! It's so funny how many they all have; and I must say I feel privileged to have played a role in that! Excited to read your randomness, love it so far! p.s. you're a great mama!

  2. OH I am going to LOVE following this blog. I was laughing the whole time thinking of your kids nick names and reflecting on my kiddos too. I love how open and real you are with this blog and look forward to my daily dose of learning and uplifting thoughts and moments that we all go through as women, moms & wives! Thank you "Keek"!